Junlin Techonogy has three main products: Acoustic Hardware & Sensor, Voiceprint Software, and Acoustic Detection & Analysis System.

Acoustic Hardwares & Sensors Voiceprint Softwares Smart Acoustic Detection & Analysis System

Integrated the core technologies of Acoustic Technologies, Acoustic Hardware, Voiceprint Algorithm & Big Data Analysis, Junlin had developed the Industrial Smart Acoustic Detection & Analysis System (edge + cloud).

The system is designed based on the professional requirements of industrial users:

- Industrial Microphone: Self-developed industrial microphone/ acquisition card

- Customized Data Collection Solutions: Real-time data uploading and monitoring, connecting to the industrial IoT or cloud server

- Industrial Voiceprint Recognition Algorithm: Product/Equipment operation sound feature extracting and modeling

- Big data processing and analysis system: Products sound detecting, equipment status monitoring and predicting

Power Plant and Power Supply System

“The Key Equipment Voice Monitoring & Analysis System” for Power Plant

“The Audible Noise Time Domain Monitoring & Analysis System” for Power Supply System


Port Equipment

“The Equipment Sound Monitoring & Analysis System” for Port Equipment


Automatic Production Line

“The Assembly Line Failure Monitoring & Warning System” for Automatic Production Line


Elevator Equipment

“The Elevator Sound Monitoring & Warning System” for Elevator Equipment