Based on more than ten years’ acoustic technology accumulation and practical experiences, Junlin is capable to develop the high-performance acoustic sensors and front-end acoustic algorithm independently, which is also the fundamental of Junlin’s powerful competitiveness.

ACOUSTIC HARDWARE - Self-developed Acoustic Sensors ACOUSTIC ALGORITHM - Front-end Firmware Algorithm

Junlin is capable to complete the self-design from the front-end to overall acoustic hardware;

Self-developed industrial microphone can satisfy the protection requirement of IP55;

according to the industrial working environment; Acoustic hardware can effectively reduce the environment noises.

Core Units

Special Sound Head

Capture the target voice professionally and pick up slight sound accurately.

Directivity Design

Maximally obviate the environmental interference to make sure the pickup device captures the target voice directionally.

Multi-frequency Sound Pickup Device

Cover 2Hz~60kHz, includes ultrasound and infrasound pickup devices.

Technical Advantages

Agile Delivery

Integrative delivery with lower deployment and maintenance needs.

Portable collection devices, can be used under the situation of manned regular patrol.

Fixed collection devices, can be used for continuously monitor to the critical equipment and parts.

Customized Design

Suitable to the complicated environment with high temperature resistance, waterproof and dustproof performances.

Anti-vibration design, capable to collect the machine sound under continuously operation.

Able to work for 24hrs/7days continuously and support real-time data upload.

RAS Characteristic

Reliability: the reliability of our device is better than industrial average level.

Availability: the node failure won’t affect the operation of the whole system.

Serviceability: easy to maintain, short time needs for maintenance and repair.