Based on more than ten years’ acoustic technology accumulation and practical experiences, Junlin is capable to develop the high-performance acoustic sensors and front-end acoustic algorithm independently, which is also the fundamental of Junlin’s powerful competitiveness.

ACOUSTIC HARDWARE - Self-developed Acoustic Sensors ACOUSTIC ALGORITHM - Front-end Firmware Algorithm

Junlin self-developed firmware algorithm is capable to complete the overall design from the front-end acoustic and electrical energy-exchanging components to the corresponding matching circuit, to solve the acoustic problems could be encountered from the most fundamental front-end.

Technical Advantages

Noise Suppression

The adaptive noise reduction algorithm can effectively suppress the noise without depending on the using environment.

Echo Cancellation

The adaptive echo reduction algorithm can effectively cancel the echo noise coursed by the acoustic coupling of loudspeaker and microphone.

Reverberation Cancellation

The reverberation cancellation algorithms were developed under different principles for various situations, and able to improve the voice intelligibility and the accuracy of voice recognition.

Sound Source Localization

The microphone array design based on the beam forming can localize the voice source automatically.

Sound Source Separation

Effectively suppress the interference source from non-target direction, and enhance the sound from target direction.


High reverberation acoustic processing

Voice technology under stationary noise