Same as Fingerprint, Voiceprint is a unique biological feature of people, could be used to recognize “Who are you”.

Comparing with face recognition and fingerprint recognition, voiceprint recognition has obvious advantages such as low sensitive, low cost, and easier to capture. Herewith, it has been widely used on non-contact or remote speaker identification scenarios.

Based on self-developed voiceprint recognition technologies, Junlin is providing more convenient and safer ID recognition solutions to customers in different fields.

Voiceprint Recognition Voice Wake-up Voice Expansion Voiceprint Database

Integrated with the self-developed voiceprint technology, Junlin's voice wake-up technology can realize detecting and recognizing the voice commands of customers from the locked or hibernated device screens, and then start the man-machine interaction and identify user authority accordingly, which is maturely applied to all kinds of devices.

Technical Advantages

Offline Voice Wake-up

Off-line SDK integration, independent with network

Customized Wake-up Text

Flexible for users to select and define their own wake-up text, meet users’ personalized needs

Millisecond Level Response Time

Recognition response time is <100ms

Low Energy Consumption, Low Cost

Low power consumption could reduce cost

Few Computing Resource Required

Require few resources from CPU and Memory