Same as Fingerprint, Voiceprint is a unique biological feature of people, could be used to recognize “Who are you”.

Comparing with face recognition and fingerprint recognition, voiceprint recognition has obvious advantages such as low sensitive, low cost, and easier to capture. Herewith, it has been widely used on non-contact or remote speaker identification scenarios.

Based on self-developed voiceprint recognition technologies, Junlin is providing more convenient and safer ID recognition solutions to customers in different fields.

Voiceprint Recognition Voice Wake-up Voice Expansion Voiceprint Database

The first company which had collected the industrial voiceprint data systematically;

The tens of millions of annotated voiceprint database provides omni-directional and multi-channel training and testing data sets;

The distributed data processing platform based on Apache Spark speeds up the algorithm drilling and iteration.

Technical Advantages

Voiceprint Labelled Database

Millions of labelled databases could provide massive data for model training. The voiceprint database includes the information of speakers’ telephone number, network channel, gender, location, etc.

Distributed Computing and Storage Platform

Leading distributed data processing platform, could accelerate the iteration and verification of the algorithm.

Real-time Data Processing Platform

Leading stream processing platform, could return the recognition results instantly.