Junlin’s products, technologies and solutions have been maturely applied to the fields of Consumer Electronics, Public Security, Finance & Insurance, Industrial Field, etc.

Consumer Electronics Public Security Industrial Field

Based on the requirements of products testing, equipment operation, maintenance, monitoring and failure prediction of industrial users in different fields (such as power plant, port, elevator, automated production line), Junlin had developed the industrial smart acoustic detection & analysis system, to provide the one-stop solutions of “edge + cloud” (front-end hardware + cloud analysis system) to users.

Core Functions

Industrial Microphone

Self-developed industrial microphone/ acquisition card

Customized Data Collection Solutions

Real-time data uploading and monitoring, connecting to the industrial IoT or cloud server

Industrial Voiceprint Recognition Algorithm and Big data processing & analysis system

Product/Equipment operation sound feature extracting and modeling, Products sound detecting, equipment status monitoring and predicting

Application Scenarios

Power Plant and Power Supply System


Port Equipment


Automatic Production Line


Elevator Equipment